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Portraits of Homeopathic Medicines, Volume 3: Expanding Views of the Materia Medica (3rd Editiion) - Catherine Coulter, 2002

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Excerpt from Preface of Volume 1: In listing mental (or emotional) symptoms as important criteria for the selection of an indicated remedy, homeopathy has, in the past, implied the above considerations. Any systematic exploration in depth is still in its infancy. In William Gutman’s essays on Calcarea Carbonica and  Silicea and my own Psyche and Substance the somatopsychic interrelations, as such, of some substances have been explored. Catherine Coulter’s book is the first psychological description that widens the personality picture of the substance patterns beyond the hitherto standard enumerations (frequently overlapping) of relatively single criteria such as jealousy, fear, desire to be alone, etc. Her book deserves to be studied by every homeopathic prescriber as well as by the practicing or research psychotherapist. To the former it offers a widening of perspective for remedy selection, while the latter can gain new typology that bridges the gap between psyche and soma. Here is a view of therapeutic possibilities beyond the limits of a purely psychological approach to personality problems.
It is to be hoped that this book will also stimulate new research into the relation of constitutional and environmental factors as well as verifications of the clinical data offered here.

338 pages, hardcover

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