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Physiological Materia Medica (3rd Edition) - W H Burt 2000 Reprint

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Among the many excellent treatises upon materia medica and therapeutics, there wasn’t ay that would give a complete knowledge of the uses, effects and modes of preparation of our remedies. Thus there is a great lack of knowledge of the physiological and pathological actions of our drugs, among practitioners of the homeopathic profession.

The design of this work by Dr. William Burt is to fill this hiatus and to place in the hands of the student of materia medica, a text book so arranged that he can readily find out what a drug is, where it is obtained, how it is prepared for medicinal use, how it acts upon the human organism, what tissues it especially acts upon, how it affects then, how much of the drug it takes to produce certain results, and what are its characteristic therapeutics.

This the author has done with each drug, not only of the old, but of all important new remedies. This book digresses from the normal style, adopted in the prevailing materia medicas and offers the reader a very good concept of the therapeutic individuality of the drug.

992 pages, hardcover

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