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Mysterious Thuja - Farokh J Master, 2003

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The author with his years of experience explains Thuja in a more applicable way. This book helps in studying Thuja in a different aspect by enhancing knowledge about sources, doctrine of signature, relationship, comparison and much more. It is a very useful book for both the beginners and practitioners of Homeopathy to perceive the whole Drug picture of Thuja.
Brief but point wise explanation of each topic makes understanding of the subject more easy
Important points are highlighted which are useful at time of quick revision
Dr. Master, Farokh is a Senior Consultant for Homeopathic Health Center, Bombay & a teacher of homeopathy in the Mumbai Homeopathic Medical College. He has authored more than 50 books on homeopathy & is the chief editor for “The Homoeopathic Heritage”. He has given seminars in various countries like Austria, Brazil, Canada, England, Finland, France, Germany, etc. & is the only homeopathic consultant at Asia’s largest Allopathic Hospital (Mumbai Hospital, Institute of Medical Sciences which is also attached to Mumbai University).

43 pages, soft cover

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