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Method: Exploring the Breadth, Context and Application of Different Clinical Approaches in the Practice of Homeopathy - Alastair Gray, 2011

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This is the second book in his series entitled The Landscape of Homeopathic Medicine.  


What are the different methods of prescribing in homeopathy?

Why is homeopathic medicine practices so differently world wide, from one country to another, from one city, one village, one street, one consultation to the next? It is not through any lack of tradition, research , evidence or rigour, all of which homeopathic medicine has in abundance. Rather, it is about interpretation of the key and fundamental principles of homeopathy and ultimately the immediate needs of the client and patient sitting in the consultation room in front of that practitioner. In order to take in and integrate this broad landscape by homeopaths across the globe.


Alastair Gray makes a rare figure in homeopathy today, a practitioner and teacher with the objectivity to analyze the disparate methods of homeopathy without favoring one approach. Alastair has mapped here the entire terrain of homeopathy prescribing, from Kentian to polypharmacy. He surveys this landscape with an honest and critical eye, giving both the new and the seasoned practitioner an opportunity to reflect on what it is we do.  - Kim Elia, USA


case taking - grayResponse to Volume One of the Landscape Series: Case Taking

Reading this book made me aware of what a huge task it is to become a homeopath...of just how many pieces are involved in this one case-taking part of our process as healers. Alastair has provided a beautiful tableau for homeopathic educators and students - painting the broad strokes of a varied landscape and a plethora of fine lines as well. This conversation about case-taking for the contemporary homeopath. And it is good. Very good.  - Miranda Castro, USA  

When an author begins a thoughtful and thorough work on a complex topic with the statement that the book is the first of seven, the reader knows that they are dealing with someone who is tenacious, with vision, and with a genuine passion for their subject. Alastair Gray has all of these qualities, and more. He is an outstanding practitioner, a teacher with international credentials, and an accomplished author. This book offers the reader both a thorough description of the history of homeopathy, and a glimpse into its future. The author faces contentious issues directly, and questions existing standards with rigour.  - Dr Isaac Golden, Australia

Alastair Gray heads up the homeopathic medicine department nationally at Endeavour College of Natural Health. A dual sector role that involves running and advanced diploma in the vocational education sector, and a degree in the higher education sector, he is responsible for quality of the curriculum and the academic integrity of the programs. It's a pivotal time in homeopathic education, with on one hand, the expectation to respect its traditions, but also on the other, a need demonstrate it's commitment to research, critical thinking and evidence, all within the context of exponential shifts in thinking about pedagogy, and with developments in online learning. He is a regular presenter in the US, UK, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. Clinical practice remains a significant feature of his work with a ficus in the treatment of anxiety, depression, addiction and men's health. He has published four books and numerous articles on provings, as well as the first volume in this series, Case Taking.

564 pages, paperback

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