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Magic Pills Documentary - Uncut Interviews

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Magic Pills is a documentary about how Homeopathy is radically changing the way medicine is practiced all over the world.  The film focuses on Ananda More, a 37 year-old mother and Homeopathic practitioner in downtown Toronto who is at a professional crossroads. After 8 years of practice, she’s asking herself some hard questions: Is homeopathy what it claims to be, a miraculous and affordable medicine that could cure cancer, AIDS, and even the common cold while saving billions of dollars in healthcare? Or is she practicing a form of placebo and endangering patient’s lives by keeping them from conventional treatment?

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$25 Donation - For your donation you will receive your own downloadable copy of the documentary film Magic Pills once it is completed.

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$100 Donation - For your donation you will receive all the uncut interviews of people like Dr. Jeremy Sherr, Dr. Isaac Golden, Dr. Jayesh Bellare, Dr. Pratip and Dr. Prasanta Banerji, Dr. Gustavo Bracho, Dr. Martine Jourde and many more. This will constitute at least 15 hours of footage. You will receive this towards the end of 2016.


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