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Dynamic Gemmotherapy: Integrative Embryonic Phytotherapy - Joe Rozencwajg

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More and more people tend to avoid chemical and pharmaceutical drugs when possible; patients, the consumers of health products, realize that although sometimes useful and liefsaving, those drugs do not cure and are fraught with side effects that are sometimes wrse than the disease they claim to treat. 

Homeopathy, Herbalism, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine all have answers instead of conventional drugs; but the world of plants if full of surprises, and Gemmotherapy is one of them.

I learned this system while still practicing conventional medicine in Belgium. It was very appealing because it combines plant extracts without the need to become a phytotherapist (herbalist) or a homeopath, while supported by laboratory research and the clinical experience of medical doctors. For me, it was a link and a gateway between the two worlds. Moreover, there are not too may remedies to study, they cover pretty much most of the pathology seen in a general consultation.

Even though I have since studied all those other systemd and use them daily in my natural medicine practice, Gemmotherapy has remained a magnificent addition that can solve difficult situations and allow other therapies, more energetic, to act and complete the cure in depth. They are certainly not mutually exclusive and Gemmotherapy can be added to any modality, even conventional medicine, or used on its own.

Why "Dynamic Gemmotherapy"? All the books and references I consulted and used over time have in common that they do not relate the gemmotherapic indications to the other ways of practicing medicine that use the same plants; in doing so, the scope of the remedies becomes limited, too narrow instead of being integrative, as should be expected from the notion that buds contain the whole potential of the adult plant. This is one approach I have tried to correct.

And as a respectful salute to Dr. Pol Henry, I have subtitled this book "Embryonic Phytotherapy", which is the name he gave to this technique. "Integrative" is there to signify the attempt to link all the differnt uses of the same plant by different healing modalities. 


373 pages, hardcover

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