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Dr Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats (Third Edition, Revised and Updated) - Richard H Pitcairn and Susan Hubble Pitcairn, 2005

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In the third, revised edition of this groundbreaking text on holistic dog and cat care, Dr. Richard Pitcairn once again outlines his program for helping pets obtain complete wellness, from their puppyhood and kittenhood throughout old age. In this updated edition, he:
Presents fully revised recipes to reflect products currently on the market
reveals information on what consumers don’t know about the pet food industry
Includes detailed information on homeopathic medicine and first aid procedures
Provides tips on traveling with pets
Uncovers ways to safeguard the home against toxins - both inside and out
Has expanded the Quick Reference section to include today’s more common ailments

For more than 20 years, this classical guide has been equally invaluable to both veterinarians and pet guardians alike. Make this your first choice in raising your pet in the most natural and healthy way possible.

“The third edition of this ‘landmark’ text is welcome and will take up space on my bookshelf, as well as the bookshelves of many of my colleagues and clients.” - Carvel G. Tiekert, DVM, founder, American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

“If you want your dog and cat to live a longer, healthier life, then this easy-to-use and well-researched book is a must for you.”  - Christina Chambreau, DVM, holistic veterinarian

“Dr. Richard Pitcairn again demonstrates why he is so respected in his field. This book should be required reading for anyone seeking true, lasting health for their animals and will continue to be a must-read for my clients.”  - Larry A. Bernstein, VMD

“For many of my clients, Dr. Pitcairn’s book is their trusted holistic health guide for their canine and feline companions’ needs - a must-read for those embarking on the worthwhile journey towards restoration of their pets’ health and happiness.”  - David Evans, DVM, Natural Care Clinic for Pets

Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM, PhD, opened the Animal Natural Health Center, a clinic offering only holistic animal care in 1985. Recently retired from practice, he teaches post-graduate courses in homeopathic medicine to veterinarians.

Susan Hubble Pitcairn was a major contributor to the first two editions of this book. As the third edition goes to press, she is splitting her time between artistic pursuits and the support of positive social change.

466 pages, paperback

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