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Cancer and Homeopathy - Jean-Lionel Bagot

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The treatment of cancer has made enormous prgress in recent years. Yet sufferers Frequently have to endure numerous side effects, taking a serious toll on their quality of life. 

Dr. Jean-Lionel Bagot and his team in Strasbourg have been very successful in treating the various side effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery and hormone therapy for many years. With homeopathy as supplementary treatment, these side effects, as well as other problems resulting from the illness itself, can be noticeably reduced. 

In this definitive work Dr. Bagot describes systematically and in detail which homeopathic remedies have proved effectve for particular side effects - including nausea, sensory disturbances, loss of hair, mouth ulcers during chemotherapy, fatigue and pain after surgery, psychological problems, a weakened immune system, and skin irritations cause by radiotherapy. 

Dr. Bagot sees four thousand cancer patients a year and therefore has great experience and expertise in this area. His advice is very specific and to the point. For each type of chemotherapy, he offers targeted homeopathic guidelines to combat the side effects of each particular medicine.

Homeoapthy is shown to be the perfect compliment to conventional treatment. The book is written in an accessible style with user-friendly recommendations. It is an invaluable tool both for patients and for physicians. 

"This book is a gold mine of practical advice to deal as well as possible with the toxicity of conventional treatments and to cope with daily life."  

 - Professor Gilles Freyer, Oncologist, Lyon Sud University Teaching Hospital, France


318 pages, paper back

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