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An Insight Into Plants Volume III - Rajan Sankaran, 2007

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This much awaited book continues on from the groundbreaking books, “An Insight Into Plants: Volumes I and II”. It presents explorations of the vital sensations for six more plant families and for the Fungi kingdom. The presence of many illustrative cases from Dr Sankaran’s practice and from colleagues worldwide confirms and adds dimensions to many plant remedies.

The book is divided into three parts.

Part one contains more cases from the plant families of the previous two volumes. It provides more elaboration and a deeper understanding of the remedies already categorized under the chart of remedy versus miasm.

Part two of this book features the derivation of vital sensation, miasms and illustrative cases, differentiations and source/alert words for:
Carnivorous plants
Fungi (Kingdom)

The third part of the book incorporates various tables including the latest table on vital sensation and miasm of plant remedies.

A new feature of this volume is the inclusion of photographs for each family so as to give the reader a closer feel for particular plants.

834 pages, hard cover

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