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A Proving of Maccasin Snake (Toxicophis) - Farokh J Master

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Excerpt from Preface: In the recent year, a lot of work has been done in the field of Homeopathic Provings, and this is a small attempt at proving hitherto scantily proved and unknown drugs. We have tried to be as scientific as possible and have closely adhered to the protocol given in -
British Homeopathic Journal - Peter Fisher
Central Council of Research in Homeopathy - Dr. D. P. Rastogi
Dynamis School of Provings - Jeremy Sherr

The idea occurred to  me during my seminar in Vienna in 1995,when Dr. Walter Gluck of Soos, Austria, informed me about the international competition of Drug Proving. The proving was started in April 1996 and continued until August 1998.

40 pages, soft cover

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