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50 Millesimal Potency in Theory and Practice - H Choudhary, 1983 (2000 Reprint)

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Its Importance, Speciality, Preparation and Administration with Case Records. According to Hahnemann’s Organon, Sixth Edition
Excerpt from Preface and Introduction: Before publication of this third edition all the chapters have been critically studied and revised in the light of m present practical experimentation. One new subchapter has been included regarding administration of medicine on descending scales. So I believe that this edition will be far more informative and helpful to the profession. We should write ‘dilution’ in lieu of ‘potency’ which is more scientific. I could not correct it everywhere, for which I am very sorry.
We all know that the Organon, Sixth Edition, is the latest scientific contribution of Dr. Hahnemann written on the basis of his life-long research and experimentation. In comparison with the Organon, Fifth Edition, the Sixth Edition contains a total number of wholly new aphorisms and footnotes are about 60, partly additions are about 49, partly corrections are about 27. About 40 aphorisms, footnotes and their parts of the Fifth Edition have become obsolete. In this last Edition of the Organon revolutionary additions and alternations have been made especially in preparation and administration of medicines and observations of patients after medication. Therefore, the Organon, Fifth Edition, has naturally become obsolete after publication of the Sixth as happened with the Fourth Edition after the Fifth and so on.

106 pages, paperback

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