Going traveling this winter?

Then you need this guide to homeopathic remedies for travelers!

If the winter of 2013-2014 tells us anything, it is that it may get really cold again this year. For many, the drop in mercury triggers thoughts of warm beaches, turquoise oceans and piña coladas. The eagerness to get away can often leave a person forgetful of proper preparation for tropical conditions. More often than not, travellers get sick during their stay due to contaminated food and water, insect bites or too much sun. It would be a shame to come home with more than just lasting memories, such as a nasty parasite that has nestled itself in your intestinal walls.

As an avid traveler, I have seen this one too many times. It's all fun and games until someone ends up spending half of their vacation glued to the toilet with the worst case of Montezuma's Revenge ever!  The feeling of "never well since" can linger for months after returning home leaving you to wonder whether the trip was worth it in the first place. 

Just as you would maybe exercise that little bit harder to look good in your bikini, why not prep your immune system as well? This simple pre-travel protocol can help strengthen your immunity naturally.

In the last few years, I’ve implemented this pre-travel routine to help prepare and prevent any sort of gastrointestinal upset. From my experience, starting this a week prior to travel helps strengthen your immunity for both the journey and the destination.

Increase your first line of defense by strengthening your gut flora.
Start taking or increase your level of probiotics. (disclaimer: when taking probiotics be sure to consult your health care provider if you have any pre-existing gastrointestinal problems)

Increase your antioxidant levels by mega dosing with vitamin C. (1000-3000 mg/day for adults, 250-500mg/day for children aged 18 mos.-12 yrs)

Increase your microbial defense by introducing a few drops (2-3) of Grapefruit seed extract into your water bottle daily.

 While Travel Clinics suggest a full range of vaccinations for exotic destinations, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of getting an armful of shots. I would recommend bringing a small homeopathic remedy kit to prepare for the unexpected. It is best to include a wide range of remedies; some that may even have multiple uses. Of course, the kit can be better adapted to a particular travel area when you know the risks.


ACONITE- Panic with fear of flying, death, and accidents


ARNICA - Feeling foggy, in shock, and/or muscles are achy. Also beneficial after any accident or injury. Reduces bruising, ameliorates shock, reduces soft tissue inflammation and prevents hemorrhage.


COCCULUS- Nausea; vomiting; dizziness


ARSENICUM- Diarrhea typically associated with exhaustion; restlessness; possible vomiting


CHINA OFFICINALIS – exhaustion from copious diarrhea, sweating and dehydration.


NUX VOMICA- hangovers or effects of overindulgence (food, drinks or stimulants). Stomach disorders with nausea that ameliorate with vomiting


COCA – first line remedy for all the symptoms of altitude sickness, not available in Canada, but available elsewhere


CALENDULA - in any topical form for mild sunburn

URTICA URENS - for mild sunburn with itching

CANTHARIS - painful sunburn with possible blistering


BELLADONNA- weakness, confusion, throbbing headache, nausea, vomiting, skin that is cool, moist and pale.


GELSIMIUM- with cerebral congestion, delirium, drowsiness, thirstlessness, headache, high temperature and tendency to coma – think the 3 D’s: dull, drowsy, dopey


LACHESIS- dizziness and faintness; hot weather greatly fatigues. Worse after sleep


GLOINOINUM- great remedy for congestive headaches, pale face, fixed eyes, white tongue, full, round pulse, labored respiration and sinking at the pit of the stomach. The temperature is high and oftentimes there is unconsciousness. Cessation of perspiration.  It is also suitable for the after-effects of sunstroke. Sunstroke is a medical emergency.



LEDUM – itchiness and burning even after scratching. As well as inflammation at the site of the wound, amelioration from ice and the ascending pains. The injured part is also often swollen, purple and mottled.

APIS for the treatment of symptoms such as redness, itchiness, slight shivering, hive-like swelling and fever.


All of the above remedies are available in the full range of potencies. For very minor injuries consider taking the lower potencies, such as a 6C. Save the higher potencies such as the 30C or 200C for more serious conditions and for very grave injuries the higher and highest potencies are best, such as a 1M or 10M.

Whenever you prescribe for an acute situation, a dose may be repeated very frequently as the remedy can be used up quite quickly. A dose can be given as often as every five to ten minutes. Keep in mind, that once you do see improvement hold off from giving anymore doses unless the symptoms return or improvement stops. Reassess any changes that may indicate a new remedy.

It can be difficult to anticipate those unpleasant scenarios that may arise during your time away. A well stocked homeopathy kit, a strong immune system along with good hygiene and smart sun care is the best you can do to prepare yourself for the unforeseeable.  I hope you find these tips and guidelines helpful as you make your escape for warmer weather this winter season.

Have a fun, safe and healthy trip!

Zuzanna Tabac (click here, to check out Zuzanna's bio and read about our Homeopathic Mentorship and Work Exchange Program)

Homeopathic Guide for Travellers- Roy and Lage-Roy




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