Book Review: The Homeopathic Conversation: The Art of Taking the Case – Dr. Brian Kaplan

All Homeopaths must read this book! It should be curriculum, period.

Brian Kaplan tells his personal story of his journey from a young child who wanted to heal people, through becoming a disillusioned MD and a fated trip to a used book store that would lead him on the road to becoming a Homeopath. A trained homeopath who found that he didn’t know how to properly create rapport with patients that elicited the information he needed to properly prescribe, and he tells how he remedied that.

He combines traditional homeopathic case taking and education with techniques from different styles of counseling, psychology, other techniques to elicit symptoms. There is a very useful chapter on how to deal with those patients who have seen psychotherapists and speak in that psychobabble that masks the patient’s own description of their symptoms, a common frustration for Homeopaths everywhere! It even gets down to the nitty gritty of homeopathic shorthand and examples of intake forms one can use.

This book includes even a great come back for those doctors who argue that homeopathic remedies do nothing and the reason we see improvements in our patients is because of the case taking process!

The following quote sums up what this book will teach you:

 “This is exactly what makes our profession special. The undivided attention of the homeopath to his patient creates an atmosphere in the room in which the patient feels respected, understood and even loved. This is the elegance of the homeopathic conversation.”

Check it out here.

Dillena Dillen DHMHS, Reiki Master


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