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p.i.n.e project - Remembering our Roots Reconnecting to Nature and Each Other


The p.i.n.e. project is hosting an event featuring speaker Mark Morey who will share tools, techniques, and innovative practices from around the world that are helping communities re-integrate nature connection and build community resilience. Find out how to register for this event inside.

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Crowdfunding for a Homeopathic Kit and FREE Homeopathic Magazine


Check out this new crowd funding campaign for a homeopathic kit project!

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Have Your Say 4Homeopathy - Mani Norland


Mani Norland is trying to get the word out about a new UK group called 4Homeopathy. They have a website where you can post a testimonial about how homeopathy has helped you. Read how you can help spread the word about the effectiveness of homeopathy below.

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Got Plantar Fasciitis? Bowen Can Help!


Plantar Fasciitis is Treatable Quickly and Effectively with The Bowen Technique - Alexis Touyz, Bowen Therapist

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Aromatherapy for the Cold and Flu Season


Wondering what you can do to help you and your family through cold and flu season? Our Aromatherapist Ayda Moreno talks about some great, natural strategies! - Ayda Moreno Certified Aromatherapist

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