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Demystifying the Science: Efficacy and Effectiveness


When reading through the scientific studies of homeopathy we are often faced with some scientific jargon. The biggest confusion I come across is when we are looking at the concepts of efficacy and effectiveness. When you are testing whether a treatment is “effective”, it means you are looking to see whether people get better compared to if they did nothing at all. You go to a homeopath, you feel better. You have had a positive effect from the homeopathic process. When studying effectiveness, there are usually a large number of people followed over a long time period to see how they do over time. Good quality studies compare the homeopathy group to a no treatment group. Other types of studies, “comparative effectiveness studies” will compare homeopathy to other forms of treatment for the same condition or circumstance. This will measure whether homeopathy is just as effective as another form of treatment. The analysis may then turn to whether the treatment is more cost effective or has fewer adverse events. The evidence is indeed very strong that homeopathy is effective.

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Cream of Broccoli Soup (Without the Cream!)


Broccoli, celery, onion and garlic- these are basic ingredients of this wholesome, warming and nutrient-dense soup. This cream of broccoli soup is a great low- cal, high-nutrient food that makes a great meal-in-a-bowl and is amazing for detoxification and reducing inflammation. A cup of broccoli contains 2.6g of protein, 135% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C (essential for immunity and collagen integrity- think good skin!) and 116% of Vitamin K (an essential blood clotting and bone health nutrient), all in only 30 calories! Broccoli contains a special combination of phytonutrients that help activate the body’s natural detoxification process. A cup of celery only has 16 calories, yet due to its fiber and water content it is extremely filling. In fact it is one of the few foods in the world that essential results in negative calories. That means that it takes more calories for our bodies to digest celery than it contains. Celery also contains non-starchy polysaccharides called apiuman that help with reducing inflammation in the body. Serving: 8 delicious bowls

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My Experience with Vega Rozenberg


I want to share with you my experience of Vega Rozenberg's courses. He teaches how to incorporate the spiritual perspective into practical case taking and the knowledge of material medica. Vega Rozenberg made his first appearance to the Toronto homeopathic community 2 years ago at the Canadian Homeopathic Conference. He was a lot to handle – egotistic, brash and rude. After more than half of the audience left during the first break of his lecture the ambiance changed and I was suddenly able to take in what he was saying. I admit I was left a bit mesmerized. I felt cautious about him but curious about his work. After attending his lecture on Organon at the conference, I was amazed at the depth of analysis from a Freemasonry and Swedenborgian point of view – truly the roots of Homeopathy. Several months later I attended Vega’s 5 day seminar, and I haven’t looked back. Each seminar is individualized to the audience, much like homeopathy. Vega believes that to be a master of homeopathy you need a spiritual understanding, and so every lecture is filled with metaphysical, historical, and mythological teachings along with homeopathic and scientific lessons. Every afternoon is filled with live cases and follow-ups taken inside the classroom, not on video. I have never seen cases so artfully and candidly taken. Vega can get right to the core of case, knows which buttons to push and which symptoms to repertorize. He will give you the core essence of a remedy drawing parallels from traditions from all over the world. The amount of information available at his fingertips is enormous.

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Psychotherapy and Homeopathy: Perfect Partners in Healing


Why do I, a Psychotherapist, work at Riverdale and how does that help you? Because here my clients have easy access to the Homeopaths and Body therapies, such as Craniosacral Therapy, Intuitive Healing, Massage, Bowen, and Aromatherapy. Why is this important? We are a body-mind-spiritual system, and combining of these avenues can be addressed to alleviate suffering more effectively and efficiently. For this article, I’m going to address the overlap of Homeopathy and Psychotherapy in particular, and although this is applicable to couples, I will do another article specifically on Psychotherapy for couples later in the year. Working with Homeopaths allows me to help clients who want a drug free approach to their mental health conditions such as those on the Depression and/or Anxiety continuum, and in a number of cases, Addictions. It also helps enormously with coming off a drug regimen, while being appropriately monitored by an M.D. or Psychiatrist. So how can these two approaches to physical and mental illness compliment and help each other? What is it that each of them does, and where do they meet up?

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Every Body has a Story to Tell: Getting Past Stuck with Cranial Sacral Therapy


Susan Dekker-Inkpen, Cranial Sacral Therapist talks about how Cranial Sacral Therapy can help you to release emotional traumas and stresses being stored in the body as pain, tension, fatigue, lowered immunity, etc.

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