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The Principles of Homeopathic Philosophy: A Self-Directed Learning Text - Margaret Roy

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An understanding of the principles of homoeopathic philosophy is fundamental to the successful practice of homoeopathy. For ease of study this text presents key ideas in the form of a self-directed learning programme which can he followed in its entirety or read selectively.

Key features include: 

-  basic concepts and laws of homoeopathy 
-  how to read and record Symptoms homoeopathically
-  how to Interpret and analyse a case
-  the use of Repertories of symptoms
-  learning activities & self-testing questions

This book can be studied on its own or as a companion volume to Margaret Roy's "A First Materia Medica for Homoeopathy".

An invaluable resource for all students of homoeopathy and readers coming to the subject for the first time. Since its publication this book has set the standard in homoeopathic textbooks.

"... a very well designed piece of educational material... each of the lessons is very clear... excellent analogies... wealth of exercise examples... a major contribution to the literature of homoeopathy... The author's grasp of the process of homoeopathic treatment is so unclouded and vital that it shines through every page." 

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