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The Principles and Art of Cure by Homeopathy - Herbert A Roberts

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The Principles of Art and Cure by Homeopathy i a must read book for anybody who wants to understand the philosophy of homeopathy in real sense. The concepts of vital force, homeopathic laws, why homeopathic remedies acts, the dynamic action of drugs, the dose, the remedy action, second prescription, susceptibility and many such concepts have been discussed in this book which remain unknown for many homeopaths. Roberts is known to be one of the best homeopaths who have attempted and were successful in making these concepts clear for homeopaths or anybody who wants to know this subject. The explicit description of different miasms is a pleasure to read to grasp the concept thoroughly.

Herbert A. Roberts, MD, was born on May 7, 1868 and died on October 13, 1950. He graduated from the New York Homoeopathic Medical College, practiced for a while in Vermont and then set up his practice in Derby, Connecticut. Dr Roberts worked as a medical officer on troop ships during World War I. He was the president of ‘International Hahnemannian Association (IHA)’ in 1923 and editor of the much respected ‘Homeopathic Recorder’ from 1927-1934. Roberts was an active writer, researcher and teacher. While working in the IHA and the ‘Homeopathic Recorder’ he authored 117 articles and 27 editorials. Along with this book his other books ‘The Study of Remedies by Comparison’, ‘Sensations As If’ are well known amongst homeopathic fraternity.

325 pages, paperback

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