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The Charm of Homeopathy: About life in general and homeopathy in particular - Anne Vervarcke, 2008

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This is the first English book, addressed to professional homeopaths, where Anne Vervarcke explains her view on the vital disturbance. As disease is nothing but a concept-like disturbance on the vital level, the challenge is to understand and perceive the coherent, symbolic pattern, displayed by the patient. When we manage to recognize this pattern we are looking in the eye of the disturbance and at the same time, we have the answer for a cure. When this happens, the Charm of Homeopathy is at its best.
Anne Verarcke (15-10-1952, Oostende, Belgium) was the director and teacher at the 'Centre for Classical Homeopathy' in Leuven for 15 years. This CKH organizes a five year training course in classical homeopathy in Flanders, a yearly seminar and a Post Graduate course. Anne Vervarcke who was trained in Bloemendaal and Amersfoort has a private clinic since 1989. She has been teaching since 1990, in the CKH which she established, and since few years she is giving seminars in different countries. In Belgium she gives a Post Graduate day once a month with live cases, of which an annual book is available. After attending countless seminars, investigating, practicing and teaching for over 15 years, she fully masters the art of homeopathy. In 1999 she published: 'Klassieke homeopathie: niet te geloven?!" and in 2005: '250 jaar na Hahnemann,' both in Dutch. These were mainly informative books for a broader public who want an understandable insight in homeopathy.

223 pages, paperback

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