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Talks on Classical Homoeopathy - George Vithoulkas, 2002 reprint

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Talks on Classical Homoeopathy has been compiled from materials of transcript of the recording of the Esalen Homeopathic Conference held in California, USA, 1980. This book is written in a conversation style and alienated into three parts:

Part l - This section presents 33 carefully selected clinical conditions (cases) for discussion out of collection of 60.000 cases. Each chapter has been devoted to particular remedy and theme of the remedy on which prescription is based.

Part II - Contains Materia Medica as the major subject. Twenty seven of the well known remedies and their essential symptomatology is given which has been verified and identified as what the author calls 'essence of a remedy'. This part also contains a number of digressions that have been left in the text to enlighten the scholars.

Part III - Different subjects on homeopathy have been covered under this section. The last chapter has a question answer session on miscellaneous topics, which answers many queries, which practitioners face while in practice. This part also has glimpse from George Vithoulkas' life from the period when he was first introduced to homeopathy.


112 pages, hardcover

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