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Homeopathy for the Modern Pregnant Woman and Her Infant - Sandra J Perko, 1997

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A Therapeutic Practice Guidebook for Midwives, Physicians and Practitioners


A book for everywoman who is planning to have a baby or who will help deliver one.
Midwives, physicians, nurses, homeopathic practitioners and pregnant women themselves will find this book to be an invaluable aid in solving, gently and naturally, almost every problem encountered during pregnancy, labour and delivery, as well as: postpartum difficulties. It covers everything from pre-eclampsia to breastfeeding.

All of the common problems arising during pregnancy: Morning sickness, consitpation, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, dietary and nutrition related problems.

Potentially Serious Complications: Threatened Miscarriage, Eclampsia, Gestational Diabetes, Phlebitis.

Labor and Labor Difficulties: False, Premature, Ineffectual, Irregular, and Difficult Labor, Malposition, Hemorrhage, Retained Placeta, and Perineal Laceration.

Post-partum Problems:  Afterpains, Retention of Urine, Infection, Abnormal Lochial Discharge, Subinvolution, Post-partum Depression, and Loss of Libido.

Unique Chapters: Emotional States During Pregnancy and Labour, Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Disease, Sexual Abuse and the Pregnant Woman, Homeopathy for Nervous Fathers and Grandparents.

Birth Complications in the Neonate: Asphyxia, Convulsions, Conjunctivities, Head and Spinal Injury, Hernia, Hematoma, Hydrocephalus, Jaundice, Birth Defects, Retarded Closing of the Fontanelles, Cradle Cap.

Nursing Problems: Mastitis, Colic, Thrush, Infant Refuses Mother’s Milk, Insufficient Milk Flow.

A Quick Keynote Reference: A Separate Section and Aid to Help Speed the Process of Finding the Indicated Remedy in the Shortest Possible Time.

If you practice Homeopathy and you assist pregnant women and their babies, this book is for you.

407 pages, paperback

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