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Latest Evidence-Based Insights into the Mechanisms of Homeopathy and Their Clinical Applications - Dr. Gustavo Bracho

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For the first time in North America, Dr. Gustavo Bracho will present the latest results from recent experimental models he designed to bring insight into the mechanism of homeopathy. Early results from this work are providing preliminary evidence that may answer questions around posology and offers suggestions that could increase the success rates of practitioners.

He will share a synthesis of homeopathic research from around the world, including the results from Nobel Laureate, Dr. Luc Montagnier’s pivotal work, with a focus on the mechanism of homeopathy and the latest theories to explain homeopathy and high dilutions.

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4 hour recorded webinar

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Course Overview 

Dr. Bracho will present an overview from an experimental research model that has been developed to accumulate data with the goal of understanding of the mechanism of homeopathy. The results from this model have already led to scientific evidence suggesting a new understanding of posology that can help practitioners take the guess work out of prescribing and increase the probability of successful treatment.

Using the work of Dr. Luc Montagnier, Dr. Paolo Bellavite, and others, Dr. Bracho will also provide an analysis of current theories around the mechanism of homeopathy.


Course Outline

-       An overview of basic research, research directions and tendencies in homeopathy

-       Presentation of  results from this new experimental model, suggesting that ranges of potency can be found which will provoke maximum biological effects depending on the environment, terrain and remedies.

-       Presentation of findings suggesting that the methods of preparation and storage also have an effect on the biological impact of a remedy

-       Presentation and discussion of the results: Biological models, clinical experience, practical implications   

-       Future perspective of basic research and practical necessities


Learning Objectives:

1.     An understanding of current and historic basic research into homeopathy

2.     Theories and evidence around the mechanism of action of homeopathy

3.     New perspective into posology from recent scientific laboratory and clinical evidence

4.     How remedy preparation and preservation affects the biological impact of a medicine


About Dr. Gustavo Bracho:

Dr. Gustavo Bracho was the head of the Natural and Homeopathy division at the Finlay Institute. He was Advisor to the President of Finlay Institute, and the Head of Research Projects on Natural Medicine and Homeopathy. The Finlay Institute is a WHO accredited facility dedicated to research and production of vaccines and prophylactic medicine. Dr. Bracho is a world renowned expert in vaccine adjuvants, with several patents for adjuvant formulations in his name. Dr. Bracho has been responsible for many national programs using natural medicine and homeopathy for disease prevention. Most notably his large scale work on homeoprophylaxis for a variety of epidemic conditions such as leptospirosis, H1N1, and dengue. Dr. Bracho was heading a large team of scientists at the Finlay Institute whose research was focused on homeopathy and alternative medicine. The knowledge he has gained may help in making practical advances in the clinical practice of homeopathy.

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