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Going traveling this winter?


Then you need this guide to homeopathic remedies for travellers! If the winter of 2013-2014 tells us anything, it is that it may get really cold again this year. For many, the drop in mercury triggers thoughts of warm beaches, turquoise oceans and piña coladas. The eagerness to get away can often leave a person forgetful of proper preparation for tropical conditions. More often than not, travellers get sick during their stay due to contaminated food and water, insect bites or too much sun. It would be a shame to come home with more than just lasting memories, such as a nasty parasite that has nestled itself in your intestinal walls. As an avid traveller, I have seen this one too many times. It's all fun and games until someone ends up spending half of their vacation glued to the toilet with the worst case of Montezuma's Revenge ever! The feeling of "never well since" can linger for months after returning home leaving you to wonder whether the trip was worth it in the first place. Just as you would maybe exercise that little bit harder to look good in your bikini, why not prep your immune system as well? This simple pre-travel protocol can help strengthen your immunity naturally.

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Book Review: The Homeopathic Conversation: The Art of Taking the Case – Dr. Brian Kaplan


All Homeopaths must read this book! It should be curriculum, period. Brian Kaplan tells his personal story of his journey from a young child who wanted to heal people, through becoming a disillusioned MD and a fated trip to a used book store that would lead him on the road to becoming a Homeopath. A trained homeopath who found that he didn’t know how to properly create rapport with patients that elicited the information he needed to properly prescribe, and he tells how he remedied that.

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How smells can affect you: Scientific support for Aromatherapy


Ayda Moreno, Certified Aromatherapist shares with us this great article from Dr. Mercola about how smells affect you and some interesting studies about aromatherapy.

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First Do No Harm


In our old bathroom, anticipating a renovation, we let all occupants, frequent or otherwise, write what came to mind. Most were tasteful, some we had to temporarily paint over. “Always have high hopes and low expectations” “Bad Wolf” and the one I currently have as my motto: “First, do no harm”. The saying is often associated with the Hippocratic Oath – the creed of health practitioners since ancient times. I have discovered that it is simple to say but often difficult to apply...

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My Experience With Isaac Golden


I first came across Dr. Isaac Golden’s work while working at Riverdale Homeopathy. The book Vaccination and Homeoprophylaxis came in, and David started telling me all about it. I was intrigued. It began a heated debate within the store and clinic. Those who believed there was merit to homeoprophylaxis (HP), and those who thought there still wasn’t enough research available, or that it was isopathy – which is clearly not homeopathy. I saw the possibility of what homeoprophylaxis promised and was excited. I wanted to believe. When the Cuban leptospirosis study was published, the internal debate at Riverdale Homeopathy came to a joyful close. Here was some significant large scale evidence that homeopathic nosodes could indeed prevent illness. The Cuban government, in a time of dire need decide to try something unthinkable in countries like Canada and the US - they went ahead and distributed a homeopathic remedy made from identified strains of the leptospirosis bacteria to almost 2 and a half million people. The results, as many of you are aware, were earth shattering. Within 2 weeks cases of the disease came down below historical levels. And they did all this using Dr. Isaac Golden’s protocols. Now the debate in other circles continues to rage on.

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