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Feeling SAD this winter? Natural Depression Fixes!


Winter getting you down? Feeling depressed? Body aches or headaches? Dillena Dillen shares with you some remedies for seasonal depression and the winter blahs.

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How To Build a Prosperous Practice - Panel Discussion – Course Notes


Did you miss out on our panel discussion on how to build a prosperous practice? Want the low down on how to create the practice of your dreams? We have compiled all our notes from this informative seminar with 4 knowledgeable panelists!

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Diva Cup: The Eco-Friendly, Convenient, Economical Period Alternative


Periods are expensive! Cost of tampons, pads is astronomical, especially if you are buying organic. Periods are messy! Leaks happen and ruin undergarments, clothing and linens. Want to reduce your waste and save money on your period? Want a convenient menstrual product? Diva Cup to the rescue! Read on for all the benefits you might not have thought of and some tips to help you fall madly in love with your Diva Cup.

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Feeling The Stress of the Holiday Season?


Are you stretched too thin and stressed to the max? Want to learn how you can naturally reduce your holiday headaches this year? Reiki Master Dillena Dillen shares 10 ways to reduce stress this holiday season!

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5 Ways You Can Become a Master Homeopath by Learning From your Practice


How our practice can empower us! Don’t get bogged down in methods and techniques that don’t produce results. Here are some of the hard lessons learnt from 25 years in practice: 1. Polycrests. These remedies with their long paper trail are well represented in our Materia Medicas and Repertories and have solved at least 80% of all my cured cases. To neglect them is a disservice to the profession. For example how many cases involving skin, digestion, sleep and thermo regulation (in menopause) respond well to Sulphur? How many laudable practices where built on polychrests? André Saine, Farokh Master, Vithoulkas to name a few. Another example is Cuba, where until recently (10 years ago), Cuban homeopaths worked effectively with only some 200 remedies at their disposal. To this day I spend time practicing my scales (studying the keynotes of key remedies). 2. Nosodes. I confess

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